100% pure cacao made from bean to bar using heirloom cacao from Haiti.

Cacao in it's purest form. Hand-harvested, naturally fermented, sun-dried, then stoneground into a cacao paste.


Instructions for use: This 80g solid block of pure cacao is perfect for drinking or sugar-free baking.

You can slice off or grater pieces to your liking. The block provides 4-6 servings, depending on how rich you like your cacao. 

Place the cacao shavings into a blender with warm water or nut milk of your choice and blend on high for 1 minute. Sweeten to your preference. The result will be a smooth warm cacao drink to enjoy.

Or you can also simply mix with hot water with no need to blend.

Add cinnamon, chilli, rose petals or spices to enhance your cacao - it's a beautiful & nourishing ritual to add to your day.

This cacao can also be used for baking and cooking - adding a depth and richness to both sweet and savory dishes.

*Bars are wrapped simply, in a home compostable brown foil bag. Rose petals supplied.


Cacao Origin: This cacao is made from organic PISA, Haiti cacao beans. This harvest is deliciously rich and bold, with a flavour profile of classic chocolate, blueberry and vanilla.

PISA is a women-led organisation (43% of the producer network are women), supporting smallholder farmers and working towards reducing structural inequalities in Haiti.  Haitian practice of growing cacao in biodiverse "Creole gardens" supports reforestation and preservation.