Our Chocolate


Flint Chocolate comes from a place of passion and sincerity to reimagine the future of chocolate consumption. Building on our philosophy of quality and craftwe offer chocolate that leaves behind the refined sugars and preservatives that have dominated the industry and our food culture for so long.



Our hero ingredient. We source premium, organic cocoa beans from Öko-Caribe in the Dominican Republic. This cacao is naturally fermented, sun-dried and hand sorted. We use cold-pressed cacao butter for its rich flavour and therapeutic benefits— abundant in vitamin E, vitamin D and fatty acids, which support skin, blood and heart health.

By making our chocolate from scratch, we ensure the quality and beneficial properties of the cacao bean remain—notably flavonoids and the broad spectrum of biological activity they possess. Our cacao beans and cacao butter are USDA certified organic.



Our bars are sweetened with organic, unrefined coconut sugar for a healthy and sustainable alternative to white sugar. Teeming with life-force minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium and potassium, coconut sugar is less refined, and much of the protective nutrients found in the coconut palm are retained.



We only use quality whole food ingredients, sourcing responsibly and consciously. We source our sea salt from Marlborough and pure vanilla bean from growers in Samoa. Each bar provides a constant discovery of new flavours, aromas, and textures. By experimenting with spray-free nuts, dried fruits, medicinal plants and herbs, we are creating a bean to bar chocolate that truely nourishes the body—chocolate with ingredients unaltered, as they are in nature.