Whole Food Ingredients

At Flint we believe in using natural ingredients with minimal processing to produce chocolate that's rich, delicious and nourishing.

Our chocolate is made from bean to bar using premium organic cacao and other whole food ingredients. Organic nuts, coconut, and dried fruit are used in different ways to add flavour and texture. Pure vanilla bean and sea salt is used to gently enhance flavour.  

For a healthy and sustainable alternative to white sugar, our bars are sweetened with organic, unrefined coconut sugar. Coconut sugar is teeming with life-force minerals such as iron, zinc, and calcium and much of the nutrients found in the coconut palm are retained.

Coconut sugar also contains inulin, a fibre that stabilises blood sugar levels, so it’s low on the glycemic index compared with other forms of sugar. Our aim is that you feel good about indulging in Flint chocolate.