Ingredients & Nutritional Information

Is your chocolate gluten-free? 

Yes! All our chocolate bars are currently gluten-free. 

Is your chocolate vegan?

Yes, all our bars and baking chocolate are vegan.

What is your chocolate sweetened with?

We use unrefined, organic coconut sugar (also called coconut blossom nectar) as we believe this is a more sustainable and healthier alternative to cane sugar.  

Where does your cacao come from?

We purchase our cocoa beans through Uncommon Cacao, who connects us with small, specialty cacao farms in the Dominican Republic, Peru and Haiti. Our cacao is fully traceable. We have access to price and transparency reports for every origin. 

Storage and Care

How do I store my Flint Chocolate?

We advise keeping your chocolate in a cool, dark place, away from strong-smelling odours.

Can I still eat the chocolate if it’s discoloured?

If chocolate melts and then hardens again, it can appear white and chalky. This is because the chocolate has fallen out of temper.  It is still perfectly fine to eat, will still have the same nutritional benefits and taste good. You may, however, experience a different mouth feel.  

Online Orders

How much is shipping? Is there free delivery?

We offer complimentary shipping on all orders in NZ over $50 and a flat rate of $5 for orders below that ($10 for rural addresses). 

Can you gift wrap?

We don’t currently offer gift wrapping. However, we can provide a handwritten gift card with your order. Just let us know the message you would like to write when you place your order.  

When will my order arrive?

We process all orders within 24 hours Monday to Friday. Our courier is an overnight service, and providing there are no courier delays, your order will be on its way the following day. 

What if I am not there to receive my order?

All online orders have Authority to Leave at the provided shipping address - please make sure you have a suitable spot for orders to be left. If it’s a warmer time of year, we suggest you send it to a location where someone can receive the package.

Wholesale and stockists

How can I become a Flint Chocolate stockist?

We love to partner with like-minded businesses equally passionate about the quality and origin of their products. If you are interested in wholesaling Flint Chocolate we’d love to hear from you. Please email tania@flintchocolate.nz for additional details.