We're driven to make delicious, ethical chocolate. It's important to us that we are transparent in our cacao supply, use sustainable packaging and minimise waste every step along the way. 



We support independent growers of speciality cacao.  These farms focus on the quality of the cacao, over a higher yield.  The cacao trees are intercropped with other food sources such as banana crops or plantain, protecting the land and providing food for the local communities.  A higher price is paid for these speciality beans, above fair trade prices, meaning more money goes back to the farmers and their communities.





Our bars are wrapped in 100% plant-based and home-compostable foil. The outer sleeve is printed with vegetable inks that are free from heavy metals and toxic dyes.

We use compostable shipping satchels, recycled tissue, paper tape and cardboard for shipping our orders.





Cocoa husk is a by-product of chocolate making—the outer shell of the cacao bean which is removed from the nib.  The husk makes a delicious, healthy loose leaf tea, which is full of minerals like magnesium, iron and zinc.  Cacao husk is also great for the garden, it can be used as a mulch to help retain water and add nutrients to the soil.  All unused husk is given to city gardens in Auckland.  We aim to create a circular production - nothing goes to waste.




We’re always searching for improvements in our packaging and processes that are both environmentally friendly and will preserve the flavour and quality of the chocolate. Please get in touch with any recommendations, we’d love to hear from you.