Our Packaging

We're driven to make delicious, ethical chocolate and intend to tread lightly on the planet while doing so. It's important to us that we use sustainable packaging and we aim to minimise waste every step along the way. 

Our bars are wrapped in 100% plant-based and home-compostable bags, which are heat-sealed to maintain freshness. The outer sleeve is printed with vegetable inks that are free from heavy metals and toxic dyes.

The decomposition of this packaging only occurs when placed in a composting environment, with heat, water, oxygen and soil micro-organisms. It's important that the inner clear bags are not put in the recycling bin, as these can contaminate the recycling stream.

We’re always searching for improvements in our packaging and processes that are both eco-friendly and will preserve the flavour and quality of the chocolate. Please get in touch with any recommendations, we’d love to hear from you.